Women’s History at the 90th Oscars

Mary J. Blige became the first person ever to be nominated for best supporting actress and best song in Oscar History!!!

Rachel Morrison was the first women ever to be nominated for best in Cinematography at the Oscars for her role in bringing Dee Rees’ period drama, Mudbound, to life on film. And let’s not forget that she is also a part of the number 1 movie in the world, Black Panther!

Greta Gerwig was the first woman in eight years to be nominated in the Directing category for her film. Had she won, she would have been the second woman to win in Oscar history!

Like Gerwig, Hungarian film-maker Ildiko Enyedi is the only female director nominated in her category. Her film, On Body and Soul, was nominated in the Foreign Film Cateogory.

And Tatiana S. Riegel was the only woman nominated for editing for the movie, I, Tonya.



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