New Year, New Journey

Hello all,

I celebrated my birthday yesterday in some wonderful ways.

I started with finalizing this blog which I cannot tell you how excited I was during that process.

I finished the night at The Bethel Church where I am a member. On this night, we created Vision Boards and placed the visions that God has for us along with our goals and dreams that we want to accomplish on card boards and cork boards. My board is full.

This is a very important exercise because you have to be able to see your goals and visions for your life. You cannot just have them in your head, you need to write them down and act on them. Once you are clear on what it is your supposed to be doing, write it down. Then place it where you can see it every day. Once you have done this, work on one thing every day. You may have a full board like myself, so pace yourself. If you work hard enough, everything that is supposed to will happen!

Have a wonderful day,

Anika S



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  1. I remember the joy you brought to the Hawkins family the day you were born. Mom and pop Hawk having their first grandchild,Larry, Clarence and I bring uncles. Besides I just got my learners permit and got to drive to Arlington.
    So it was destiny that the Lord had great plans for you. You have not let any of us down.
    I am praying for this to be successful as I have for any endeavors you tried to take on .
    Loving you to the moon and back.
    Unc Dre’

  2. Wow Unc! Words cannot express how much I appreciate you and your loving words. I am so glad you feel I haven’t let you down. You don’t know how much that means to me. Thank you for your encouragement, it means so much. I am blessed to have you as an uncle.

    Love you so very much.

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