Saturday December 16th at 3pm EST, tune in for the final 2017 broadcast of Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio. Part two part of the conversation with CEO and Business Manager and owner of P2P Small Business Consulting and Management Group,
Dr. Maria Bloodworth Graham will air with two special guests, Professional Networker, Shana Johnson-Price and Relationship Strategist, Dr. Asheia Wynne‚Äč! We will continue the discussion on Motivation in Business and so much more.

In part one, Dr. Graham provided some important information that have helped her clients turn their passions into profit! In part two we will not only continue these topics, but we will expand our conversation to a two hour event that will help you go to a whole new level on your journey towards realizing your passions!

If you have a question or comment prior to the show or during the live broadcast, please send an email to During the show you can call 347-539-5372 and when you are ready to ask your question or make your comment, please press 1 on your keypad.



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