Journey Check

How are things going? Where are you on your journey? Mine is leading me towards my second speaking engagement on Thursday at Broward College. I am excited to provide an on-site workshop/interactive lecture for students and faculty on creating digital narratives using blogging and podcasting. You can see more laterĀ in the week under Our Progression.

Journeys can have many pathways and lead you in many directions with several destinations. Always make sure your current path leads you to the correct destination. What is the correct destination? The one that pushes you closer towards realizing your passions.

Originally, my journey was leading me towards being an author, screenwriter and playwright. My final destination included a book, movie and play.

Then I discovered new paths that led me to writing sales ads, articles, blogging, having my own radio show and even speaking engagements.

I might have been led on various paths, but the desired destination of inspiring, encouraging and entertaining others through my work never changed. And I have and will continue to take you with me on this journey that can at times look like a good thriller, full of twists and turns. Now I am looking forward to an exciting end. Of course, the protagonist (that’s me) will end up experiencing the victory.





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