It’s Coming! Work It, Don’t Force It!

Too often we put ourselves in a position to fail because we take on too much or force things to happen we are not ready for.

Realizing your passions takes time and there is a process we all must go through. The processing time is a period of learning and growing so that when we reach the moment of realization, we will be ready for it. If we are not ready, we stand to lose everything we worked so hard to get.

If you look at some celebrities who received too much too early, most of them have something in common. They lost everything early because they were not ready to handle their new life. Those who did not lose everything either knew others with the means to help them or started all over again and reinvented themselves. If you know wealthy people that can help you great. But it will be better and last longer if you can do this yourself. If you are going into this with the idea that you can just start over and over again, you may want to reconsider your thinking. There has to be a point where you get to your destination!

During your processing time, gain the knowledge you will need in order to not only realize your passions but keep them going. Envision It, Work It, Realize It in that order.

You are worth the time and the effort.

Anika S.



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