Anniversary Show will now air on May 26th

It’s the 2nd Anniversary show of Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio! May 26th at 3pm EST, tune for the Introduction of a New Path on the Journey of Anika S. There are times when you have to make a shift in order to truly realize your passions and that has begun this month. The new conversation will not only be about the new path, but also what it means to shift on your journey. There will also be a list of steps provided to help you during your own shift. It is time to go up another level on our journeys!

For more information on Anika S. and her work, please visit her website at For more information on this show and upcoming shows, visit her Facebook page at If you have a question or comment prior to the show or during the live broadcast, please send an email to During the show you can call 347-539-5372, then press the number 1 on your keypad when you are ready to join in on the conversation.



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