I will accomplish…

Hello! It is a brand new week and it is time to set yourself up for success.

At the beginning of each week, in addition to our To Do List, we are going to get ourselves in position to achieve success each week.

Today, let’s look at our weekly To Do List and choose one or two things that we know we can absolutely accomplish by the end of this week. Feeling accomplished helps drive you forward so that you can accomplish even more.

Note: Don’t forget your daily to do lists.  If you remember, I wrote about creating the following:

One main long list with everything single thing you have to do. Type it and alphabetize it, makes things easier.

Then categorize the items and pull the things you have to get done that day for your daily list. Then create a weekly list and if you want, a monthly list. It is good to see everything you have to do, but put away the big list until you need to pull from it again. No need to overwhelm yourself.

Now go to this week’s To Do List and let’s get started.

Anika S.



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