Honoring Dr. King

A bullet silenced the man, but not the movement.

Fifty years ago today, Dr. King was assassinated by a shooter looking to end it all, but they failed.

The movement continued and the civil rights that Dr. King and so many others fought for was received.

The bullet may have stopped the man, but it didn’t stop his message and it didn’t stop the realization of his dream.

Even though the struggle continues in many ways, the freedoms have been won. We have the freedom to fight without facing the same threats Dr. King and many others faced not too long ago. African Americans have secured positions of influence and we are free to go where we please. Younger generations could not imagine a life without these rights and I am sure that would have suited Dr. King just fine. This is what he envisioned. And now these generations are honoring him.

I thank Dr. King and the King family for their great sacrifices and Dr. King for the ultimate sacrifice.

I am truly grateful that the bullet didn’t stop the ultimate freedoms Dr. King dreamt of and spoke about 50 years ago the night before the bullet silenced him. Despite the efforts to stop it all, Dr. King will forever be honored as a life sacrificed for a life changing dream.




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