Day 23: Non-Negotiable List

Day 23: Don’t forget your non-negotiables

When you embark on a new journey there should always be a non-negotiable list. You cannot fully go after anything if you are “on the fence” about certain aspects of the journey. You need to fully understand who you are, why you are on your journey and be clear about your destination.

Here is some of the items on the non-negotiable list I went over on my January 19th show called The Year of Realization: The Non-Negotiable List.

The link to the show is below. You will hear the rest of the list and reasons why they are important for your journey.

1. Who You Are
2. Your Why
3. Your Worth
4. Your Beliefs
5. Your Passions

No negotiations are allowed when it comes to this list. Are you truly ready to realize your passions? Go over the non-negotiable list and your own non-negotiables. This helped me realize I am ready and I hope it does the same for you. You can check out the show by clicking the link below.…/journey-into-passion-the-ye…




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