Day 19 Let Go of A Bad Habit

Day 19: Unfriend your worst habit that is keeping you from moving forward. It is time for you to break up.

I know this week may be a little tough and it is about to get a little more difficult in these last two days. Many of us have a bad habit that delays our realization. Everything from procrastination, being disorganized, lack of self-care, etc. There is something that is blocking your progress and it has to go. I am working on this myself so I know it is not easy but it is necessary.

What is your worst habit that is blocking your path towards realization? Be honest with yourself and start the process to rid yourself of this habit. This is not going to happen overnight, pray for the strength you will need, seek help if you need it and give yourself a break during the process. This habit didn’t just start and it may take some time to break. Just know that it is possible if you really want to move forward.

This is your life. This is your journey and you deserve to reach your ultimate destination. Help you, help you. I am doing it with you. We got this!

Wishing you great success on your journey!!

Anika S.




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