Day 12: Use The Perfume!

Have you ever had that one thing you are saving for a special occasion? Have you ever told yourself, that this candle should only be burned when I have company? Then you realize the last person that came over was in the year 2015!

We have to be better to ourselves and not play ourselves cheap. Stop thinking that the opportunity to do something or use something may only come once. We need to start getting used to seeing ourselves as worthy of opportunity, wealth, great health, happiness…. If we don’t, it is going to be hard to continue on this journey towards realization. You have to know you are worth the effort now, not when things improve. Carry this belief into 2020 starting today.

PAUSE: Don’t Go Broke! That ain’t the goal here! Moderation is. Pause over.

USE THE PERFUME! USE THE COLOGNE! Even White Diamonds stops smelling good after a while. Use the beautiful candle, use the nice dishes, wear the good suit, get a cute outfit and go out before you finish losing the weight. You are worthy TODAY, not when you lose the weight, open the business, get the money etc.… YOU ARE WORTHY TODAY! Life doesn’t promise us anything so go ahead and USE THE PERFUME OR COLOGNE!



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