Clearing The Path

There will be occasions when we lose our way, but if we fully understand what our true opportunities are and know our true destination, we will find our path again.

To hear more about true opportunities, check out last week’s show, The Changeable List at which aired at 3pmEST.

Negativity, life events, and misguided advisers can cause our paths to become so cloudy that we get lost.  Don’t allow these detractors to create add obstacles on what was once a very clear path. If you have created your Non-Negotiable List (see  TO DO List from the week of October 29th), then you have already created the antidote for every distraction thrown at you. Read this powerful list everyday until you know it by heart and keep it where you can easily access it daily.

Your path towards realization is an important one. Like the sunrise clearing a fog, your words, actions and thoughts can clear away the detractors obstacles so that you may find your path clear again.




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