Day 16 Clear Out Your Inbox

Let It Go Week

Welcome to Let It Go Week.

Here is your first To Do List:

1. Go to your inbox(es) and sort it using the To and From

2. Permanently delete any emails you know you will never respond to or look at.

3. Unsubscribe to things you know you will never use.

4. Unsubscribe to things that are not going to benefit the journey you are on now.

5. When you have deleted these items, go to the Trash Folder and PERMANENTLY DELETE ALL OF IT!

This may take a while, so do 20 at a time until you are done. Start today. Let’s break the chains that are hindering us from moving forward on your journeys to realization. Cluttered inboxes block your view from the resources you actually need by clouding your view with the unnecessary.



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