The Search List

Here is your To Do List for The Search post:

  1. Ask yourself these questions: What am I really looking for in life? Where do I want to be today? Where do I want to be in five, ten, twenty years and beyond?
  2. Be specific with your answers. Don’t just write, “I want to own a restaurant”. When do you want to own it? What kind of restaurant is it? What will be your specialty dishes? Be specific.
  3. Be realistic, but don’t hinder the dream. It is not realistic that you will own this restaurant on the moon. However, it is realistic that you will eventually own a chain that can include other countries. Don’t play yourself small. If you have a big dream, plan for it.
  4. Write all of these things down, create a vision board, plan it out and get started. A plan is not effective just sitting in your head. You have to see it, do the necessary research and execute!

Now head over to Our Progression. We have work to do.



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