No More Excuses

I just shined the spotlight on a 10 year old international best-selling author, international speaker and very accomplished athlete who has many awards under his belt and he hasn’t even hit puberty yet. This young man knows with all of his heart that he can accomplish anything he sets his mind to and is doing  just that! His incredible journey has led him to meet mentors like Les Brown, speak in many different countries, receive many athetic awards and earn his spot on an international best-selling list! All because he believed he can and his incredible mother, Janel Bailey-Jones, instilled this way of thinking in her gifted son. Janel has been with him every step of the way on his young journey and has been an incredible inspiration for his great success.

So you have no more excuses for not accomplishing what you set out to do. You know it takes hard work, dedication and determination so what are you waiting for? The time is now to get started on the journey towards realizing your passions! Here is your to do list. Get started today!

  1. Create that list I have been blogging about. What do you want to accomplish?
  2. Create that vision board. You need to see the visions everyday.
  3. Work on your visions everyday. You have to be relentless in your pursuit to accomplish your dreams.
  4. Start today. Don’t wait for tomorrow. You are inspired to do it today, so start!

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