List Number Three – Work Your Opportunity

I hope you have found your passion and discovered your gifts. I also hope you have begun your journey towards living your passion.

Now it is time to work your opportunity. Please note that if you are just beginning, I strongly encourage you to wait before you take on numbers two and three on this list.

  1. Preparation – In the previous lists, I wrote about doing your research. This will be a constant because as I wrote before, things change all the time. In addition to research, you want to practice. If you are a writer, then you want to write daily and have other writers critique your work. Whatever it is you want to do, make sure you prepare yourself for future opportunities.
  1. Portfolio, resume and business cards – Create a portfolio of your work and have an updated resume. You want to always have something to show a potential client or future boss. If you don’t already, have business cards with you at all times with your name and contact information. If you have a blog or a website and it is related to your future career goals, make sure it is included. Also, have some information about what you do. A small list will do. Or you can be creative with a brief explanation. A photographer might add, “I specialize in capturing your most precious moments.” Note: Google your phrase to make sure it hasn’t already been copy-written. 3. Know your stuff – This is especially true for entrepreneurs. You want to be able to confidently answer any and all questions from future clients about what you do. This will help you stand out in this very competitive world.

Opportunities can come at any time. Don’t be caught scrambling and have yours pass you by. If this happens, learn from it and be ready next time.

Wishing you great success,

Anika S



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