Day One of The Push

The 31 Day Push. Press On The Accelerator Towards Realization.

Remember this is about your life, your purpose, your passions and goals. During the last 31 days of this year and this decade, write your list with YOUR future in mind. And don’t forget what God has already given you. Your…

  1. Help – You are never alone in this process. When you need help, ask The One Who knows you best. Ask God for help.
  2. Gifting – We all have natural abilities and talents. WE ALL DO!!
  3. Necessary Resources and Life Lessons – Use what you already have and add to it. Never stop learning and growing.


NOTE: Our purpose should always include something that can help others, but “put the oxygen mask on yourself first”. In order to be effective when helping others, you must help yourself first.



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