Creative List

  1. Write down an idea that you have had for a long time.
  2. Create a vision board that includes things that you will need to make the idea a reality.
  3. Write a story about the idea that includes what you have, are and will do as you go on this new journey.
  4. Create a spreadsheet that includes how much time you will devote to this idea every day until it is no longer in your head, but actually happening.

Now you may ask, why write a story? I  included this item because I am a visual person. I believe that when you can see something  happening on the page(s), it becomes more real. When it is more real to you, then you will be more encouraged to go after it.

That idea that you have had for months or even years is not going away. Therefore you owe it to yourself to try.

Let me know how it goes.

Have a wonderful day,

Anika S



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