A List For Friday

Fridays have been known to be days of celebration due to the ending of a long hard work week. As the clock strikes 5, 6, 7…whatever time your work day ends, the anticipation that began that morning, began to peak at lunch and reaches it’s highest point when your shift ends. Now it is time to relax or party, your choice.

You should take some time to relax and enjoy yourself, but don’t forget your purposeful journey. Allow me to help you with your upcoming weekend plans with today’s Friday List.

  1. Take Your Time – Your first priority should be to have a period of time where you are not thinking about work, your journey or any other responsibility. During your drive home, turn on your favorite music or enjoy the silence. Allow this to be your time. If you are blessed enough to have even more time when you get home, take it. Friday night is your night.
  2. Create your weekend list on Thursday. That way when Saturday comes around, you can take your time and enjoy the morning. Then get started with your list.
  3. Your weekend list should consist of the following items:
    A. Your TO DO list for your journey. Unless you have an urgent work project that must be done, your weekend is for you and your journey. If you are going to realize your passions, you must spend time working your journey.

    B. YOU – Divide your time between your journey list and self-care. Even if your time is limited because of family and other life commitments, work in YOU and YOUR JOURNEY. This is not optional!  I discussed ways to do this on past shows and will talk more about it on a future show called “Fitting It In”. Stay Tuned.

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