Stop The Merry-Go-Round

Do you remember the merry-go-round as a kid? You get on with a few other kids and each of you use one of your feet to push it so it goes around. It gets faster and faster and you look at each other wondering who will be able to hold on the longest. At first it is fun. Then some kid jumps on makes it go so fast that you begin to white knuckle it and hope you can stay on as long as possible because you don’t want to go flying somewhere.

I have been blessed to be offered and see many new opportunities. I have also dealt with many devastating things in recent years and the act of adding things on to my plate only made things tougher. Each thing became like that kid who jumped on the merry-go-round making things go faster and faster. I just wasn’t up to dealing with the pace. So I had to slow things down, get off the merry-go-round and begin to assess where I am. That is where I am now and I feel ready to share it so I am sharing it with you now and I will share more on how I did it in one of the books I am currently writing. Stay tuned for the upcoming book and tune in today, May 25th at 2pm EST for my 3rd anniversary show and more on this merry-go-round experience.

Here’s to getting off the merry-go-round and back to our progression. We have to keep moving forward.

Anika S.



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