Progression Over Excuses

Everyday you have to tell yourself that you will progress and not make anymore excuses. Let’s counteract the excuse list.

Excuse – I don’t have time.

Progress – Ten minutes a day times 7 days a week will give me over an hour of progress time. Next week, I will work on finding even more time. Turning off the TV and limiting my social media time will help.

Excuse – I don’t have the money.

Progress – I know there are free ways I can get some things done. Time to Google my options and ask others who have accomplished what I am trying to do for their help.

The excuses and the progressions examples can go on and on. The point is, there is a progress option for every excuse. We have to tap into those progress options and begin realizing those passions lying in wait!

Start today! Too much time has been lost already. YOU CAN DO THIS!!

Anika S.



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