Don’t Stop Till You Get There

It is easy to give up. Too easy. It is easier to say to yourself, it has been too long and I just cannot do this anymore. But what good would that do you? The images of you making it and reaching your goals won’t fade just because you decided to quit. In fact, the images begin to come more often because your purpose is calling you.

I have been writing for 14 years. My first book was written in 2005 and it is still unfinished (but it will be in 2020). My life began to take many different directions and I gave up more than a few times. But here I am, a published author and award winning short story writer, FOURTEEN YEARS LATER!!

The images of me finally publishing my work never stopped. They only increased. Your passion grows and you simply have to do what you were meant to do. So, don’t give up. Keep going!  Keep progressing! You can do this!! I know, because I did!

I have reached my realization goal for 2109! It’s not too late to reach yours! My new chapter begins as a published author!!

Always, wishing you great success on your journey into your passion!

Anika S. Madison




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