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Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio!

I created this show to inspire and encourage people like you who are on a journey towards realizing their passions. I am on that journey and as I bring you along with me, I am also providing information and inviting guests to share their tips that can help you on your own journey!

What to expect this month on Journey Into Passion with Anika S.:

During the month of September, we continue on the “Back On Track”  series. This month we are beginning the process of Taking It to the Next Level!

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Had a great conversation with Busy-Fit Coach, Stephen Anderson on Developing Healthy Habits That Stick. If you need help in the area of weight loss, make sure you go to Show with Busy-Fit Coach, Stephen Anderson and get some great information that will help you.  Then head over to, www.busy-fit.com to learn about starting your 14 day trial today! As always, consult with your physician before trying any program.




Stephen Anderson, Your Busy-Fit Coach talks about Developing Health Habits That Stick!

The Busy Fit Mindset is anchored on two different things:

#1. You are MEANT to be fit and healthy
#2. There is Always a way (to take a tiny step forward)


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Why Take This Journey To The Next Level? Get The Answers On This Show.

August 19th, Journey Into Passion with Anika S. continued the Back On Track Series on the Everyday Folks Radio Network!

Recent news has caused a slight change in direction for this particular show.

Instead of just talking about how to take things to the next level during our Get Back on Track Series, I discussed why we need to do this. After seeing what happened in Charlottesville, Virginia it got me thinking about why we have to do the things we are doing. There are people in this world whose entire life is dedicated to seeing certain groups fail. We have to counteract that. So how are we going to do that? I offered my ideas on the show and welcome more from you. Please post below.


Missed a show? You can still listen:


If you missed the last show, please go to  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/everydayfolksradio for the replay.

I introduced the beginning of the Back on Track series which will continue through the remainder of the year. I spoke about the various parts of this series, got you caught up on what has been going on with the myself and the show and I read some comments and answered questions. I also shared answers to my pre-show question posted on my Facebook and Instagram pages:

If you ever got off track when pursuing your dream, how did you find your way back?

You can see the answers on my Facebook Page and my Instagram Page @anika_s_madison.  Feel free to post your own answers that will be read on next week’s show.

Make sure to visit www.facebook.com/journeyintopassionwithanikas and be the first to know what is coming up next on this new series. You can also post your questions or comments that will be read during each live broadcast. Or you can email them to anikapassionjourney@gmail.com.



I am Anika S. Madison, Blog Talk Radio Show Host for Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on the Everyday Folks Blog Radio Network , Blogger, Freelance Writer and Copywriter (niches in video script writing and sales copy).

I have more information on my radio show on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JourneyIntoPassionwithAnikaS. You can also check me out on my Instagram Page @anika_s_madison and Twitter at @AnikaVision.

The Creator of Everyday Folks Radio, Professor, Author and Host of BJ Speaks, Dr. Billy Jones, joined me to help me celebrate my first anniversary this year! It was a memorable hour of reflection and fun that can still be heard on the Everyday Folks line up.

If you haven’t already, you can pick up Billy’s book, Everyday Folks: Short Stories on the Common People at Barnes & Noble, Books-A-Million, iUniverse or on Amazon.com and visit his site at billypauljones.com.


In 2015, I  began creating my blog which had its official launch on January 25, 2016. My goal for this blog is to inspire others as I chronicle my journey towards realizing my dreams as an accomplished writer and creator of many upcoming products. Also to provide some entertainment along the way.

My radio show made its debut on May 14, 2016. The blog talk radio show, Journey Into Passion with Anika S. airs on Saturdays at 3pm ESTon Everyday Folks Radio which can be found at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/everydayfolksradio. You can also hear the show, comment or ask questions about the show by calling 347-539-5372. You can see more on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JourneyIntoPassionwithAnikaS . 

I created this show and my blog for the same reason. I am literally on a journey towards my passions which are also a part of my life’s purpose and I am bringing you along as I navigate this journey.  I also have guests that are inspiring, encouraging and are either at the beginning of their own journeys or continuing on their successful paths.

The show’s goal is for you to see what it looks like when you go from the beginning of a journey towards the finish line. While I am doing this, I hope you share your journeys on my show and this blog. Consider my radio show and blog to be your weekly encouragement and inspiration.

I am also a Freelance Writer, upcoming author and Playwright. I wrote a play called Dream Lessons that I plan to launch next year. This play follows a teenage boy as he has personal encounters while learning black history.

I work with my colleague and friend, Nerissa Street, who is the founder of the program Girls Call The Shots!

I am a Freelance Writing Contributor for Kipri Johnson’s Black Tongue Clothing line’s Black Tongue Chronicles. You can find the Chronicles and purchase your shirt at http://www.blacktongueclothing.com/

I am  a Freelance Contributor to the Miami-based Gospel Truth Magazine as well as other Freelance projects.

I hold memberships at The Bethel Church where I am a part Relevant and the Media Ministries, The South Florida Networking Group On the Move and the South Florida Writer’s Association. I am also an honorary member of the Lambda Omicron Delta Sorority, Inc. which is a sub-entity of the service organization called the National Distinction Society

I have several projects to be released in 2018 and 2019, including a book entitled “A Shattered Chain of Events” and a movie entitled “Are You Ready?” She has also written her first stage play called “Dream Lessons” and is currently writing the screenplay version of the same story.

As I continue on my journey towards living my dreams, I encourage others to take their own journeys. And finally, I want to my work to not only entertain, but encourage and inspire you to join in on the journey towards realizing your passion.

“I hope you experience great success on your journey into your passion”. – Anika S.