About Me & My Radio Show- My Conversation with Nerissa Street is Now Available

Welcome to the experience of  Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio! On show days, you can tune in by going to www.blogtalkradio.com/everydayfolksradio or calling 347-539-5372. The show airs on most Saturdays, you can check the show dates on the site and my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/journeyintopassionwithanikas.

I am so excited about the hundreds of listeners from across the globe. Thank you to listeners from all over the United States , the Republic of Korea, the United Kingdom, Vietnam, Norway and Canada. I truly appreciate all of you for your continued support.

I created this show and my blog for the same reason. I am literally on a journey towards my passions which are also a part of my life’s purpose and I am bringing you along as I navigate this journey.  I also have guests that are inspiring, encouraging and are either at the beginning of their own journeys or continuing on their successful paths.

On this blog, I want you to see what it looks like when you go from the beginning of a journey towards the finish line. You can see more of this journey under Our Progression.  I created the Our Progression category because, while showing you my journey,  I hope you share your journeys as well. Consider my radio show and blog to be your source for encouragement and inspiration.


I am Anika S. Madison, Blog Talk Radio Show Host for Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on the Everyday Folks Blog Radio Network , Blogger, Freelance Writer, Playwright and Power Speaker.

Get show updates or post your comments & questions for upcoming or past shows by visting my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JourneyIntoPassionwithAnikaS. You can also email your questions or comments to anikapassionjourney@gmail.com.

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Info info on my last show:

Get ready to Say YES! My conversation with Founder of Girls Call the Shots!, Owner of Be Your Own Answer, LLC, Power Speaker, Storyteller and Published Author, Nerissa Street on Journey Into Passion with Anika S. on Everyday Folks Radio is now available at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/everydayfolksradio/2018/02/10/journey-into-passion-a-conversation-with-nerissa-street.

Nerissa has written a wonderful book called 31 Days of YES! An Unexpected Month of Joy, Passion and Freedom. Get ready to say yes to experiences like winning, embracing the right story, and even saying yes to those flaws. In her book, you will find daily readings that will “challenge you to say yes to your whole life experience: the good, the bad and the indifferent.” This inspiring book will cause you to rethink the way you are approaching your journey and hopefully help you realize what you need to do in order to realize your purpose and your passions.

For more information on Nerissa and her work, go to www.beyourownanswer.com. If you have a question or comment please send an email to anikapassionjourney@gmail.com.


On January 27th at 3pm EST, I  aired my first show for 2018. Your Busy-Fit Coach, Stephen Anderson, helped me launch my new year long series called “Turning Point.” 

If you missed the last show you missed some powerful, insipiring, encouraging and extremely helpful information from my conversation with Busy-Fit Coach, Stephen Anderson of Busy-Fit Healthy Habits Coaching. You can hear the playback at http://www.blogtalkradio.com/…/journey-into-passion-a-conve…

Hear his five steps that will help you during your turning point as you make that decision to step into your purpose and begin to realize your passions as well as a happy and healthy life. #2018isYourYear to begin this process.

As Stephen says it begins with Making A Decision and discovering your Five Levels of Why. To hear more, click on the playback and then go to the page https://www.facebook.com/busyfitcoaching/?fref=mentions to see Stephen’s Busy-Fit Life Broadcasting series. Bring your pen and your paper for the broadcast replay and for his video series. If you are serious about your success and ready for your own turning point, you don’t want to miss this broadcast or Stephen’s new series!

Journey Into Passion’s Last Show for 2017:

On December 16th, I aired my last show for 2017. It was episode 2 of my first ever two part show with CEO and Business Manager, Dr. Maria B. Graham of P2P Small Business Consulting and Management Group! We were joined by Professional Networker, LaShana Johnson-Price and Published Author, Speaker and Relationship Strategist, Dr. Asheia Wynne. The two part show began with Dr. Graham in a discussion on Motivation In Business. Then on the 16th Dr. Graham returned with Mrs. Johnson-Price and Dr. Wynne. If you have ever thought about using your talent to start your own business or want information on how to take your current business to the next level, then this show is for you!



During the month of December in 2017, I introduced my first video series for my show, Journey into Passion with Anika S. called The 30 Day Prep, Your New Life Awaits. You will see inspirational, encouraging videos and posts from myself and some awesome subject matter experts that will help you get healthy, financially confident and get various tips on how you can begin to truly realize your passions. The time is now for the next level on our journeys! Let’s apply these lessons throughout 2018 and beyond!

A new video series is coming soon that asks the question, “What was your turning point?”

The 30 Day Prep Your New Life Awaits Series ended with a powerful message from Shea Hood! The Power of I AM!!

Click the play button below for more info and see Shea’s video at www.facebook.com/journeyintopassionwithanikas.


On September 30th,  the 40th episode aired! To commemorate this occasion, I  had a Top 40 show and discussed the Top 40 Reasons Why We Keep Going Despite The Challenges. The list was created by myself and supporters of the show. This was a very important discussion because during this Back On Track Series, we have to find ways to keep pushing ourselves forward.

The Creator of Everyday Folks Radio, Professor, Author and Host of BJ SpeaksDr. Billy Jones, joined me to help me celebrate my first anniversary this year! It was a memorable hour of reflection and fun that can still be heard on the Everyday Folks line up.



In 2015, I  began creating my blog which had its official launch on December 29, 2015. My goal for this blog is to inspire others as I chronicle my journey towards realizing my dreams as an accomplished writer, published author, produced screenwriter and playwright, power speaker and creator of many upcoming products.

My radio show made its debut on May 14, 2016. The blog talk radio show, Journey Into Passion with Anika S. airs on most Saturdays at 3pm ESTon Everyday Folks Radio which can be found at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/everydayfolksradio. You can see more on my Facebook page at www.facebook.com/JourneyIntoPassionwithAnikaS . 

Currently, in addition to being a Blog Talk Radio Show Host, I am Freelance Writer, Power Speaker and Playwright. I wrote a play called Dream Lessons that I plan to launch next year. This play follows a teenage boy as he has personal encounters while learning black history.

I am a Freelance Writing Contributor for Kipri Johnson’s Black Tongue Clothing line’s Black Tongue Chronicles. You can find the Chronicles and purchase your shirt at https://www.blacktongueclothing.com/

I am  a Freelance Contributor to the Miami-based Gospel Truth Magazine as well as other Freelance projectsYou can find the digital edition at https://www.thegospeltruthnews.com/. Click on the Digital Edition link and you will find my article “The Lasting Legacy” on page 15.

I hold memberships at The Bethel Church where I am a part Relevant and the Media Ministries. I am a member of the South Florida Writer’s Association and a South Florida Networking Group called On the Move . I am also an honorary member of the Lambda Omicron Delta Sorority, Inc. which is a sub-entity of the service organization called the National Distinction Society.

On December 29, 2015, I decided to leap and do something that scared me. I put myself out there by starting this blog. I have been leaping ever since.

In 2018, I will take even bigger leaps and you will be coming along with me. Stay Tuned!

“I wish you great success on your journey into your passion”. – Anika S.