Here is part one of REWRITE.

It was the most beautiful waterfall he’d ever seen. As fifteen year old John gazed upon this sight, he knew for the first time what peace felt like. As the watery waves cascaded down the rocky terrain, John was able to turn his attention from his chaotic life to this peaceful scene. The water spilling over into the river below caused small ripples that flowed towards him. The feeling of calm John felt as he watched the small gentle waves reminded him of the way he felt when his mother used to rock him to sleep. He put his hand in the water and pressed against the ripples, causing opposition to the direction of what represented his peace. It was symbolic of what he did in his own life each time he was exposed to any kind of tranquility. Suddenly John heard a loud crash. As he ran towards the scene, he saw an injustice. Peace left as anger took its place.

A young African American woman got out of her car and approached an unconscious white man sitting in his car who had just slammed into a tree. He narrowly escaped hitting her. Reaching in her pocket to get her phone, John could hear her telling the man she was going to call for help. A white policeman driving by the accident quickly emerged from his car and slammed the woman on the ground. The terrified woman rolled over and the officer began to punch her repeatedly. She cried out that she was pregnant. The officer stood her up and slammed handcuffs on her.  As was his normal reaction, John rushed to the scene with fists flying. Suddenly these words flashed in his mind… REWRITE! He immediately stopped and calmly told the policeman what happened and that the woman was just trying to help the unconscious man.

To John’s surprise, the policeman calmed down and called for an ambulance. John stood by the woman’s side and went to the police station where she met her father. After giving their statements, the woman was released. John’s story was rewritten.

Throughout his life, John tried hard not to feel hatred or despair. But he kept seeing the grey of society. His world was full of immorality and constant sadness. His step-father was an abusive adulterer who tormented his mother. On occasions, his step-father would turn his abusive behavior towards his step-son, which made John lift weights to gain a lot of bulk. It only took one beating from John to teach the step-father a lesson. When John again witnessed his father attack his brother, he became irate and started toward his father. Suddenly these words flashed in his mind… REWRITE! It was then that he knew he had to change.


What will John do next? Will John’s life change? Find out next week in the conclusion of REWRITE.




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  1. Just read Rewrite. Such imagery! Things happen and John goes into Rewrite. Unique writing. OK everyone, we have to see what’s next for John.

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