LOVE – A New Storyline on Black Tongue Chronicles

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Black Tongue Chronicles, created by Anika Madison, is a series of passages that introduces this clothing brand through the black experience. On this journey, you will be introduced to characters, places and situations that will usher you through the various stages of the black experience. Let’s fall in love…

Today she is feeling fierce! I watch with admiration as she glides into my boutique once again; her hair in rows of perfect locs on either side of her head. Each row looking like it was strategically measured. An exquisite mohawk adorns her head like a crown. I have seen her many times, but I never really paid attention to her exquisite beauty. Her lips, chocolate skin and dark brown eyes are very seductive. The earrings that adorn ears seem to have been made just for her.

Who is this woman who inhabits such beauty? Why am I acting as though I am seeing her for the first time? My stare is like a tap on her shoulder. She turns around and as she approaches, I feel a sense of shame because I should have introduced myself long before now. Something moves me to suddenly step towards her. I have the giddiness of a school girl! She responded to my advance with an unspoken greeting of adoring eyes. In a deep seductive voice, I introduced myself, “I am King, let me know if I can help you find anything”.

It was at that moment nothing else mattered, and he stole the spotlight. King and this regal beauty were simultaneously locked into this other world where only they existed. “Thank you,” she said. “I’ll be sure to let you know.” Caught off guard by an awkward moment of silence, King nervously made his way to the fitting rooms where he began to organize the unpurchased clothes. From this distance she is able to get a better look at him. Admire his dark smooth skin, a big bright smile, and eyes that would mesmerize any woman. He is well over 6 feet tall and in her mind, his height gives the illusion that he is moving in slow motion. After putting away items on a bottom shelf, it seems to take forever for all of him to stand upright!

It was obvious that these two beautiful people would soon become an item. Glancing in his direction, their eyes became so fixed on one another; they didn’t notice anyone else even when they came into their space. King makes his way back to her and says “I guess you noticed me staring from the time you entered the store. I know you have been here many times and I recognized you as a repeat customer, but for some reason we never connected until today.” She canvases the boutique and takes notice of the approving eyes of the patrons and salespeople.

King uses this moment as an icebreaker to educate her on the variety of eclectic African art and clothing in his boutique. His mission is to promote the beauty, strength and rich heritage of African culture. The couple begins to browse through the items in the store and he guides her to the newest item in the Black Tongue Clothing line, the Love t-shirt. It is definitely coming home with her! King leans in to whisper, “Perhaps if I took the time to let you know how much I admired you before today, we could have had our own love story”. “The next time I am in the presence of a regal beauty, I will not make this terrible mistake again”.



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