Black Tongue Chronicles: Kenya’s First Three Part Story

Black Tongue Chronicles, created by Anika Madison, is a series of passages that introduces this clothing brand through the black experience. On this journey, you will be introduced to characters, scenes, places and situations that will usher you through the various stages of the black experience. Kenya, will take us on our first journey.


As she stands in the narrow open space looking over the calm waters slowly cascading towards the land, she cannot help but stare at the small ripples of water coming towards her. Her feet are still inside the dark space and there are steps she has to take before actually getting to the water, but she feels as though the water’s ripples are coming for her. She wonders what her ancestors felt on that fateful day. She feels the anxiety her ancestors felt as they waited to see what was coming for them in those same waters. Tears flow down her dark rich skin to her full cheeks leaving behind opaque lines that grow wider as more tears follow. Her tears fall towards her full lips, framing them just before they reach their final destination, a white handkerchief with a purple flower that was passed down to her from her great grandmother. This is one of the most emotional moments of her life. She feels as though she is being transported to another time…


Suddenly, a voice snaps her back to reality. She only hears the last few words of what the male voice is saying, but it is enough to get her attention. He is bringing his story to a close as he says, “…and now, I just cannot believe I am here. Oh, by the way I’m Robert. I did not catch your name.” Robert, also at tourist, is wearing a partially buttoned white shirt with a brown satchel draped over his right shoulder causing his shirt to expose his well-kept physique. His beige linen pants fall just above his brown sandals. He has distinctive European features and is quite handsome. Robert has been trying to talk to this stunning beauty since they reached their destination. He is so captivated by this beautiful woman, that he barely noticed her crying. She quickly wipes away the rest of her tears and says, “My name is Kenya.” He was mesmerized while listening to Kenya describe how awestruck she is standing in this historic space. He knows the subject of her words, but he cannot concentrate on anything she is saying. All he can do is take in Kenya’s amber eyes, full lashes and lips that he wishes he could kiss. Then his piercing blue eyes wandered down to enjoy the fullness of her curvaceous frame. The frame that he admired is something that Kenya often tried to hide. The form fitting dress she is wearing cannot hide her curves which are causing Robert’s elation. If Robert really listens to Kenya, he would learn the reason why she made the trip and the historical events that led up to her emotional moment. 

5/15/17 Kenya gets caught up in emotion and ends up speaking longer than planned. Paragraphs replace the few sentences that she intended to say. However, before she could begin a new thought, Robert quickly tells her something that he has been practicing ever since he first laid eyes on her. In his head, the words come out like the lyrics to the most romantic song anyone has ever heard. In reality, they sound like the ramblings of an inexperienced teenager who is trying to be romantic for the first time in his life. Robert whispers, “The beauty of a woman becomes useless if there is no one to admire it.” Then Robert stands back with his chest poked out as though he said the very thing that would capture her attention. “I love that African Proverb, how did you know about that?” Unbeknownst to Robert, his African American friend gave him the proverb to use as a line, not expecting Robert to have a chance with this exquisite beauty. His alabaster skin turned bright red. All he could do is smile at who he had hoped to be the new love of his life. Kenya just smiles and returns her gaze to the waters. This is the last stop on the tour, and the last few awkward minutes play out like humorous interruption of a pivotal moment of a story. Kenya was mesmerized by the water. For some reason, she could not leave this haunting place. The place known as the Door of No Return.




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